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Everyone knows putting up lights and making cookies are a staple of the holiday season, but what are those lesser known, strange holiday habits that might not be as commonly practiced?

Do you hide a pickle in your Christmas tree? Host competitions to see who gets to open the first gift?

#LittleKnownHolidayTraditions is trending on Twitter and here are some of the most notable activities people partake in during the winter months.

1. This tradition that represents all of our struggles.

2. The tradition that is actually a strange understanding of spreading Christmas cheer.

3. This tradition that puts a twist on a holiday classic.

4. A tradition that should just be done every day of the year.

5. This tradition we’ve all been guilty of partaking in at some point.

6. This tradition that’s less of a tradition and more just a necessary act of self-interest.

7. The tradition of taking a holiday family photo.

8. This tradition that’s always repeated.

9. The tradition created to manage your other tradition.

10. A tradition that not everyone finds to be fun.

11. The grown-up form of a childhood tradition.

12. The tradition all those traveling during the holiday know and love.

13. A tradition that reminisces on times of childhood.

14. And finally, the tradition we all hate our coworkers for.

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