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1. Gel pens

Round 3: Gel pens. Still probably applicable, but the baddest bitch in elementary school always carried a briefcase full of them.

This is probably the root of obsession for adults who love office supplies. Nothing was cooler than color coding your homework in 15 different shades. Also probably something that really pissed off your teacher, fyi.

2. Balancing bird

This majestical little invention filled children’s minds everywhere with wonders about all of life’s secrets. It was also a really good distractor when you were bored.

3. Hungry Hippo

Kid’s these days just don’t have the opportunity to relieve stress and smash on some plastic (and on some fingers).

4. Skip Its

I don’t always eat s***, but when I do I was playing with my Skip It.

5. Pretty Pretty Princess

Did this boardgame even have a point or was it just a box of plastic jewelry?

6. Razor scooters

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Just having one of these made you pretty cool. You were even cooler if you could do tricks.

7. Water snakes/Wigglers/Wigglies/Whatever

Always had to pick one of these babies up at the school book fair.

8. Tamagotchi and Digi Pets

Tamagotchi was the first instance in your life when you realized you were not capable of being responsible of taking care of anything living.

9. Battleship

Nothing like practicing your war tactics with an innocent game of Battleship.

10. Furby

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Regret is begging for a Furby for your birthday and then spending the next six months crying to bed every night as it talked to you nonstop from your closet.

11. Super Soakers

The answer to all boredom during hot summer days.

12. Game Boy

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Bragging about getting the new Game Boy Color was a given.

13. Polly Pocket

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People who say Legos are the most painful obviously never stepped on one of these bad boys.

14. Pokemon

Let’s be honest, this binder was more organized than anyone you ever had for school.

15. Beanie Babies

TY Beanie Babies

R.I.P. too all our dreams of becoming millionaires from our massive Beanie Babies collections.

16. Easy Bake Oven

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Nothing like waiting 40 minutes to make four cookies.

17. K’nex

Perfect for rainy days and for when your brother was hogging the Legos.

18. Mr. Sketch scented markers

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A delicious gateway drug to sniffing Sharpies.

19. Operation

Nothing was more irritating that the buzz sound this game made.

20. Password Journal

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