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When winter comes, it’s hard to save on your electric bill. It gets dark earlier, the house gets colder, so your lights and heat are always on.

So how do you keep your electric bill from skyrocketing?

Here are just a few ways.

  1. Unplug your electronics. Do you always keep your laptop plugged in? What about your TV? Though it seems like these things seem essential to have on and plugged in all the time, it really does suck up energy. Unplugging your computer, your TV, even your coffee machine and toaster can help you save without doing any work.
  2. Don’t use energy during “peak hours.” Using your electronics during 6 and 10 AM in the morning and 3 and 9 PM in the evening just means you’re using power at the same time everyone else is. Electric companies know this, and they charge based on the time of day. So you’ll be charged more money if you’re using electricity during this time. Try saving chores, like laundry or dishes, for off-peak times (weekends count, too). And if you can handle it, turn that thermostat down during these hours as well.
  3. Up your energy efficiency. If your home can use fluorescent or LED bulbs, that’s your first step. Purchasing energy efficient appliances, like Energy Star Washers, can get you a rebate depending on your company. These will really cut down on the bucks, since appliances are often the largest energy suckers, as are lightbulbs.

You’ll notice that none of these tips included lowering your thermostat (at least not more than temporarily). We know you want to stay warm. So find ways to cut back elsewhere, and you’ll be able to stay warm through this chilly winter.

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