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This holiday season you and your friends will take to Twitter to share anecdotes about unbeatable food comas, your weird aunt gifting you an ‘80s floral-print nightgown and the all around feeling you get when you spend just a little bit too much time in close proximity with family.

However, reading your best gal pal’s tweets about how crazy her cat is acting with the Christmas tree can only last so long.

Here are eight funny Twitter accounts of celebrities, writers, and just plain funny people to follow that will keep you occupied and entertained during the next family holiday dinner.

1. @FacesPics

Did you think you were the only one who sees two eyes looking back at you from your breakfast? This pun-filled account shares with Twitterverse a feed full of faces spotted in inanimate objects. What could be a better time-killer to scroll through? 2. @AnnaKendrick47

Anna Kendrick is a no brainer. With over five million followers, she has nailed the quirky, creative jokes everyone can relate to.

3. @thisisjendoll

Author of “Save the Date” and @mental_floss managing editor, Jen Doll provides anecdotes of her very relatable day to day experiences without sounding like that friend who overshares on Facebook. 4.@LizHackett

This screenwriter is quick on the uptake when it comes to cracking jokes about the newest trending stories. She’ll share a punchy one-liner about Kim and Kanye’s baby latest name choice with the seamless Jessica Jones GIF.

5. @msdanifernandez

This writer and comedian knows all about Star Wars, adulting, dating and, most importantly, dogs. 6. @TheEllenShow

This is another obvious one, but who doesn’t like funny dog and baby photos sandwiched by soft jabs at the most relevant celebrities?

7. @FunnyVines

If having the sound turned up on your phone won’t get you in trouble at Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve, you can’t go wrong with watching the best funny cat Vines over and over. 8. @jonnysun

On the drive to and from that family get together you’re not too excited about you can scroll through this Twitter feed back to 2009 and it won’t stop being funny.

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