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If you’re looking to invest in some property, this may just be the right place for you.

Swett, South Dakota is on the market—for $250,000.

That’s right, you can buy an entire town for the median price of a home in the United States.

The town is six acres. It has its own watering hole, a tavern (closed, unfortunately), a huge garage, and a haunted house.

It’s one of the few genuine “ghost towns” left in America.

And it’s a bargain. 16 months ago, the town went on the market with a $399,000 asking price. However, despite the town getting media attention, it didn’t get any offers.

So the price has been reduced, and spruced up.

They got rid of three decaying mobile homes and an old truck that were previously on the property. They even put in new signs.

“The old ones had bullet holes in them,” said Stacie Montgomery, the town’s listing agent.

She claims she’s had several interested parties.

“Some of the types of individuals who have been interested in the past included people who wanted to be their own mayor, people who wanted to live off-grid, several production companies thinking about reality shows, hungers who wanted to create a hunting lodge, or somebody who wants to own a bar.

In the 1940s, Swett was home to almost 40 people. It housed a grocery store, post office, tavern, and houses. But inhabitants moved to more urban areas, leaving the town abandoned.

Would you buy the town? It’s cheaper than other ghost towns for sale, like Alladin, Wyoming, which was offered up for $1.5 million but sold for $800,000, or Scenic, South Dakota, which sold in 2011 for $799,000.

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